Ondat Metric Exporter


💡 This feature is available in release v2.8.0 or greater.

Prometheus Metrics for Ondat Volumes

Following the exporter pattern, we maintain and distribute our own Prometheus exporter for monitoring and alerting of Ondat volumes. The metrics our exporter publishes include data on volume health, capacity and traffic.

  • The Ondat metric exporter repository is open source and can be located on GitHub.

To get started with installing and configuring the exporter in your Ondat cluster, review the metric exporter’s operations page for more information.

⚠️ When setting up a ServiceMonitor resource, ensure that you create the rules in the same namespace as your Prometheus resource and have its selector field match the labels of the services exposing metrics - review the example ServiceMonitor resource manifest in the operations page for more information.

Alerting Rules for Ondat Volumes

Ondat also distributes example alert rules for Ondat metrics using Alertmanager.

Grafana Dashboard for Ondat Volumes

In addition to the Ondat metric exporter project, we also distribute Grafana dashboards that allow end users to easily visualize and get insights into the status of Ondat volumes.


If end users have suggestions/ideas for metrics that they would like Ondat to gather by default or improve the Grafana dashboards and Alertmanager integration, contributions are welcome.

You can reach out to us on the Ondat community slack workspace or review the contributing guidelines in the Ondat metric exporter repository.