⚠️ This is a tech preview, we only recommend using this feature on your test clusters

Moving Ondat volume deployments

A volume deployment (replica or primary) can be moved freely between nodes, this can be extremely useful in specific scenarios, and it’s available through a new command in the command-line tool.

It can be used to manually re-balance the cluster, reduce load on over-loaded nodes, etc.

Ondat will always place the resilience and protection of your data first, for this reason we only ever remove data when a new deployment has been fully synced within the new node. On account of that, additional space and bandwidth will be required during such an operation.

Example of use

Here’s an example of how the CLI command works:

storageos update volume move my-volume-id source-node-id destination-node-id --namespace my-namespace-name --timeout 30m

Large volumes

Syncing large volumes can take a long time depending on the amount of data and cluster’s technical specifications (disks, bandwidth, etc) thus we recommended the use of a long timeout for this operation.

The global timeout flag is available for all commands.

Moving to where a deployment already exists

When attempting to move a volume master deployment into a node that already houses a replica, we’ll instead attempt to promote that replica to a primary thus swapping roles.

⚠️ Nothing will happen when trying to move a volume replica deployment into another replica as there’s no functional distinction between these two.