Google Anthos


This guide will demonstrate how to install Ondat onto a Google Anthos cluster using the Ondat kubectl plugin.


⚠️ Make sure you have met the minimum resource requirements for Ondat to successfully run. Review the main Ondat prerequisites page for more information.

⚠️ Make sure the following CLI utilities are installed on your local machine and are available in your $PATH:

⚠️ Make sure to add an Ondat licence after installing.

⚠️ Make sure you have a running Google Anthos cluster with a minimum of 3 worker nodes and the sufficient Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) permissions to deploy and manage applications in the cluster.

⚠️ Make sure your Google Anthos cluster use ubuntu_containerd as the default node operating system. This node operating system image has the required kernel modules available for Ondat to run successfully.


Step 1 - Conducting Preflight Checks

  • Run the following command to conduct preflight checks against the Google Anthos cluster to validate that Ondat prerequisites have been met before attempting an installation.
kubectl storageos preflight

Step 2 - Installing Ondat

  1. Define and export the STORAGEOS_USERNAME and STORAGEOS_PASSWORD environment variables that will be used to manage your Ondat instance.
export STORAGEOS_USERNAME="storageos"
export STORAGEOS_PASSWORD="storageos"
  1. Run the following kubectl-storageos plugin command to install Ondat.

⚠️ If you are installing Ondat and connecting to an existing etcd cluster, then you must include the --skip-etcd-endpoints-validation flag in the bash script below.

kubectl storageos install \
  --include-etcd \
  --etcd-tls-enabled \
  --admin-username="$STORAGEOS_USERNAME" \
  • The installation process may take a few minutes.

Step 3 - Verifying Ondat Installation

  • Run the following kubectl commands to inspect Ondat’s resources (the core components should all be in a RUNNING status)
kubectl get all --namespace=storageos
kubectl get all --namespace=storageos-etcd
kubectl get storageclasses | grep "storageos"

Step 4 - Applying a Licence to the Cluster

⚠️ Newly installed Ondat clusters must be licensed within 24 hours. Our Free Forever tier supports up to 1 TiB of provisioned storage.

To obtain a licence, follow the instructions on our licensing operations page.