Ondat SaaS Platform Installation Guide


This guide will demonstrate how to install the Ondat SaaS Platform.


⚠️ Make sure the kubectl storageos plugin is installed. Follow the install guide for kubectl storageos.

⚠️ Make sure to add an Ondat licence after installing. You can request a licence via the Ondat SaaS Platform.

⚠️ You must enable port 443 for egress in your ACLs if a VPC is used.


Step 1: Set up your cluster

  1. Open Ondat SaaS Platform
  2. Log into your account using your credentials
  3. In the main navigation, open the Cluster tab
  4. On the Cluster screen, click the Add Cluster button
  5. Enter a name for the cluster and choose the Cluster Location using the radio buttons
  6. Click Add Cluster

Step 2: Connect Cluster to the Ondat SaaS Platform

Note: The CLI command will only be displayed once Note: Latest GA version of Ondat will be installed onto your cluster

  1. Make sure you follow all the prerequisites displayed on the screen. You can find more information here for the prerequisites of using Ondat.
  2. Copy the cli command displayed on the screen
  3. Execute the cli command on your machine