Diagnostic bundle

Ondat can generate a cluster diagnostic bundle from the GUI or CLI under user request. The bundle packages the information needed for the engineering team to understand the context of your cluster and begin troubleshooting any issues you may be experiencing.

Generate Bundle


The CLI can generate the bundle.

storageos get diagnostics

💡 The file generated is in the form of diagnostics-${TIME_STAMP}.gz


Or you can use the StoregeOS GUI.

  1. Go to section “Cluster”
  2. Press the button “DOWNLOAD DIAGNOSTICS”.

Data collected in the bundle

Most of the data collected in the bundle is regarding the state of the Ondat cluster, however some other information regarding the infrastructure is also gathered. The information is used to have a clear view of the cluster where Ondat is running.

The bundle incorporates for each node:

  • Ondat Daemonset Pod logs
  • lshw
  • dmesg (kernel logs)
  • Ondat metadata for the ControlPlane and DataPlane

Ondat metadata collected

  • cluster metadata
  • namespaces metadata
  • nodes metadata
  • volumes metadata
  • capacity stats
  • environment variables
  • health


Ondat can only obtain the bundle if it is downloaded by the user and given to our engineering team, or uploaded for analysis. The data received by Ondat is private and never leaves nor will leave Ondat Inc.

The data contained in the cluster diagnostic bundle has the sole purpose of helping customers troubleshoot their issues.