Contributing to the documentation

We are always looking to improve our documentation. If you like to help people and can write, read on for the process for submitting your contributions. If your guide is published, you’ll receive $250 per article by PayPal.

Content guidelines

A guide contains step by step instructions for how to accomplish a specific task using Ondat. To be accepted, guides must be:

  • Written in English.
  • Relevant, accurate and complete.
  • Technically correct and thoroughly tested.

Guides should avoid:

  • Duplicating an existing guide or other sources, such as blogs or forum posts.
  • Including irrelevant material.

Submission and review

You should submit your guide as a pull request to the GitHub repository.

Your submission will be left open for community review for two weeks. After this, your submission will be reviewed internally for about another week.

If accepted, your pull request will be approved and you will have 36 hours to send your submission title and PayPal account information. Non-response will be taken as a go-ahead to publish.

COPYRIGHT OWNERSHIP. The Ondat Guides & Tutorials repository is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) license.

CREDIT. Nothing contained in this Agreement shall be deeded to require Ondat to use the Work, or any part thereof, in connection with Ondat Guides & Tutorials or otherwise. Credit for the Work shall read, “Contributed by writer’s name.”

PAYMENT. Upon publication of a submission to the Ondat Guides & Tutorials Repository, the writer will be paid the sum of USD $250.00 as an electronic payment.