How To Get Your Cluster ID


Every Ondat cluster has a unique cluster ID that is generated once an Ondat deployment is successfuly completed. In order for end users to be able to generate an Ondat licence and apply it to the cluster, an Ondat cluster ID is required.


  • Ensure that you have successfully installed Ondat into your Kubernetes or Openshift cluster.


Step 1 - Install The Ondat CLI

  • Deploy and run the Ondat CLI utility as a deployment first, so that you can interact and manage Ondat alongside kubectl. Once deployed, obtain the Ondat CLI utility pod name for later reference.

    # Get the Ondat CLI utility pod name.
    kubectl --namespace=storageos get pod --no-headers -lapp=storageos-cli

Step 2 - Locate The Ondat Cluster ID

  • With the Ondat CLI deployed, you can run one of the following commands below to get the unique ID of the cluster.

    • The cluster ID will printed out as a UUID value with either a ID or ClusterID key.
    # Get cluster-wide information.
    kubectl --namespace=storageos exec storageos-cli-6958b7c4cd-nc8q5 -- storageos get cluster
    ID:           ce7c9c90-896e-41d5-b823-27ed9a8d8c8f
    Created at:   2022-08-23T16:24:33Z (10 minutes ago)
    Updated at:   2022-08-23T16:24:33Z (10 minutes ago)
    Nodes:        5
      Healthy:    5
      Unhealthy:  0
    # Get more information about the licence status and unique cluster ID.
    kubectl --namespace=storageos exec storageos-cli-6958b7c4cd-nc8q5 -- storageos get licence
    ClusterID:      ce7c9c90-896e-41d5-b823-27ed9a8d8c8f
    Expiration:     2022-08-24T16:24:33Z (23 hours from now)
    Capacity:       50 GiB (53687091200)
    Used:           0 B (0)
    Kind:           unregistered
    Features:       []
    Customer name:

Step 3 - Generate An Ondat Licence

  • Note down the unique cluster ID so that it can be used to generate an Ondat licence through the Ondat SaaS Platform and apply it to your cluster so that it is successfully registered.

💡 If you already have an Ondat cluster that is connected to the Ondat SaaS Platform, you can apply the licence automatically to the connected cluster by following the steps below;

Login to the Ondat SaaS Platform » Organisation » Licences » Generate A New Licence » Choose an existing cluster » Select the cluster that you want to apply a licence to.

  • For information and guidance on how to generate and apply an Ondat licence to a cluster, review the licensing documentation.