Ondat requirements to be executed. Hardware, Network rules, Operative System Distribution, Kernel modules, etc.

Prerequisites for using Ondat

Minimum requirements

One machine with the following:

  • Prepare a cluster with minimum of 5 nodes when running etcd within Kubernetes for replication and high availability; 3 nodes if etcd is outside Kubernetes or a self-eval cluster
  • Install the Ondat CLI
  • If using Helm2, make sure the tiller ServiceAccount has enough privileges to create resources such as Namespaces, ClusterRoles, etc. For instance, following this installation procedure
  • System clocks synchronized using NTP or similar methods. While our distributed consensus algorithm does not require synchronised clocks, it does help to more easily correlate logs across multiple nodes
  • A PID cgroup limit of 32768
  • Some aspects of product operation require kernel support for IPv6. See the IPv6 prequisites page